Key Stage One Results 2015-2016

Take a look at our results below

Below we have our most recent Key Stage One results for our pupils in each subject...


% Working At The Expected Standard

National Average

% Working At Greater Depth

National Average
Reading 79.6% 74.0% 22.4% 23.6%
Writing 73.5% 65.5% 18.4% 13.3%
Maths 79.6% 72.6% 20.4% 17.8%
 RWM Combined 73.5% 60.3% 16.3% 8.9%

We are very pleased with the results from Key Stage One this year. Our children scored higher than the national average in all tested areas (including Reading, Writing and Maths combined). 

Those children who were assessed at "Greater depth" also scored higher than the national average in Writing, Maths and Reading, Writing and Maths combined. 

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