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Miss S Read

Foundation Stage teacher/History & Geography Co-ordinator/School Global Links

I like all types of art, craft and design. I love making things whether it be sewing, painting, sketching or baking, I'm always making something. I enjoy holidays especially as they give me the time for my other love, reading. The Gruffalo is great!

Mr R Brown

Teaching Assistant

I love spending my spare time in Scotland with my family. During my time in Scotland, I have climbed mountains such as Ben Nevis. I am a huge Harry Potter enthusiast. I also love all animals, especially tarantulas.

Miss P Chadwick

Teaching Assistant

When I'm not at school, I like swimming and socialising with my friends.

Mrs T Laws

Teaching Assistant/First Aider

When I am not at school, I like spending time with my two children and I also enjoy cooking.

Miss A Westwater

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

In my spare time I like to go skiing and shopping! 

Mrs H Offen

Teaching Assistant

When I am not at school, I like camping with my children.

Ms D Toker

Teaching Assistant

Mr M Evans

Phase 1 Teacher/PE Co-ordinator

I love sports. I particularly enjoy football and ice hockey. I like visiting different countries and cities when I can and meeting people from different places in the world. I love films and going to see them at the cinema.

Mrs C Redmond

Phase 1 Teacher/Music Co-ordinator

Last year I became a mummy and I love spending time with my family. We enjoy playing in the park, feeding the ducks and visiting the Streetlife Museum. In Summer, Mr Redmond and I like to go camping and walking in the Dales.

Ms K Conroy

Teaching Assistant

When I am not spending time with my lovely little boy, I love to spend time relaxing in our caravan and socialising with my lovely friends. 

Mr W Muldowney

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Paterson

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

In my spare time, I like to go walking and mountain climbing. I'm also a trained PADI scuba-diver. I also love my holidays abroad and have travelled to all parts of the world! To relax on an evening, I enjoy going to the cinema!

Miss H Ravenscroft

Phase 1 Teacher/RQT/Science Co-ordinator

In my spare time, I play for a local netball team. I enjoy swimming and have recently taken up trampolining. I'm interested in art, crafts and photography. I regularly visit my lovely family over in sunny Stockport. Currently, I'm very busy planning for my wedding next summer.

Mrs T Hardmeat

Teaching Assistant

Loves all sports especially Netball

Mrs M Onn

Lay Chaplain / Class Teacher

Mrs K Merckell

Phase 1 Teacher/SEN Coordinator

Mrs S Broadhead

Phase 2 Teacher/RE Co-ordinator

Hi! I love to spend time with my family and friends socialising and eating out! I also have a very cute cat called Penny.  I also run a Brownie unit and I have taken up knitting although I need lots of practise!

Miss N Richert

Phase 2 Teacher/RQT/D&T Co-ordinator

I always try to have a positive outlook on life. In my spare time, I am a keen traveller and I usually visit a different country each year. I enjoy arts and photography. I love Christmas and look forward to spending that magical time with my family.

Mrs M Cooper

Level 4 Teaching Assistant /First Aider

In my spare time, I really enjoy arts & crafts, baking and decorating cakes! I have even made a wedding cake for a Premiership footballer!

Miss C Cowan

Teaching Assistant

I love Saturday nights in with a takeaway (my favourite is Chinese!) and there's nothing better than watching X Factor and having a girly night with my friends!

Mr J Guthrie

Phase 2 Teacher/RQT/Science Co-ordinator/School Global Links

Away from school, I try to keep myself as healthy as possible through playing a range of sports! Unfortunately, as a huge Sunderland AFC fan, football is not the healthiest thing to be interested in at the moment...
I am extremely excited about Hull's stint as the City of Culture and can't wait to experience all of the fantastic events!

Mr M Lichtarowicz

Teaching Assistant

Mr J Hermann

Phase 3 Teacher/Assessment Co-ordinator/Computing Co-ordinator/MFL Co-ordinator/Website Manager/E-Safety Manager

I love football - enjoying my time as a Sheffield Wednesday supporter again (after many years of woe!) I love listening to all kinds of music, going to the cinema and socialising with my friends. Recently, I have taken up running in an attempt to get fit. I am loving being a father to my beautiful daughter - she's full of energy and keeps me on my toes!

Mrs C Fuller

Teaching Assistant

Any spare time that I get, I like to spend it with my family at our caravan in Skegness. I also enjoy shopping... maybe too much! To keep fit, I like to cycle anywhere and everywhere.

Mrs M Lines

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Whincup

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

My favourite hobby is to go shopping! If I am not in the shops I like to spend my time with family and friends. I have also recently started to go to Irish dancing.

Mrs A Grady

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Allen

Phase 3 Teacher/NQT

I enjoy spending time with my two sons and my new puppy Albert. I like reading and watching films, especially funny ones! When I have the time I like to bake and decorate cakes. 

Mrs P Graham


I enjoy cooking, but better still…..eating out with friends and family. I love travelling, curling up with a good book, watching movies, retail therapy, swimming and going on long country walks!

Mrs A McIntosh

Assistant Headteacher/Phase 3 leader/English Co-ordinator/Schools Direct Mentor/Safeguarding Co-ordinator

I love spending time with my family. I also like reading, watching sport, going to the theatre and... eating chocolate, occasionally! As a member of the National Trust, I enjoy visiting gardens all over the country.

Miss L Tindall

Phase 2 Leader/Maths Co-ordinator/NQT Mentor/

I love to teach, talk and sing! My favourite way to spend my spare time is travelling with my friends and mainly spending time with my family in between Ireland and Hartlepool! 

Mrs J Duncan

Phase 1 Phase Leader/RE Co-ordinator

I am married with 3 teenage boys so it's 4 boys against one girl in our house! I put up with a lot of football talk! I love going on UK holidays. I'm a fan of Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice and I've watched the BBC production too many times!

Mr D Luscombe

Phase 3 Leader/Computing Co-ordinator/Assessment Co-ordinator

I am absolutely sport mad! I play cricket, rugby union and football and am a long suffering supporter of Derby County. I also love spending quality time with my young son.

Mrs J Clark

Foundation Phase Leader

When I’m not at school I like to spend time with my family. We all meet up at the weekend to spend quality time together. I love looking after my three grandsons doing lots of messy activities. I enjoy reading, going for long walks, gardening and decorating.

Mrs M Monahan

Safeguarding Co-ordinator/Parent Liaison Co-ordinator

At home I have two tortoises, a female called Toga and a male called Frantic - who is always exploring and disappearing! I love travelling the world and have recently been to India. I also enjoy listening to soul and blues music.

Mrs C Chadwick

Senior Clerical Assistant/First aid

I love all kinds of sport and I am an avid fan of Liverpool FC, my favourite player is Steven Gerard! I also enjoy get togethers with my family when we play lots of games and quizzes.

Mrs A Irwing

Business Manager

I have lived in Hull for 20 years now and enjoy spending time with my family and watching football, particularly Sunderland!

Mrs J Lamb

Child Supervisory Support Officer

My best friend is Aunt Bessie and the microwave! I also like to spend as much time as I can with my family especially my beautiful grandchildren

Mrs J Marsden

Senior Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs M Clarke

Caretaking Staff

When I am not at school I spend my time with all my lovely grandchildren! On a weekend I like to spend time socialising with my husband.

Mrs V Dennett

Caretaking Staff

In my spare time I like to go shopping or spend time with my grandchild Charlie. I also like to read lots of books - especially when I am on holiday.

Mrs N Dunbar

School Cook

Ms M Hodgson

School Kitchen Staff

Ms K Atkinson

School kitchen staff

Miss L Fox

Administrative Assistant

Mr T Beach

Site Facilties Officer

Mrs J Kent

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs A Burton

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs J Cardy

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Ms A Arndt-Kosinka

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs Y Mendez Ramirez

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs E Colclough

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs A Majeed Farah

Child Supervisory Support Officer

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